How my life on Railways began

Steam engines first caught my attention when I watched Thomas the tank engine and friends. Ringo Starr was the narrator for the first two shows then in series 3 Michael Angelus took over as narrator. But now with animaon in the 21st century instead of the models the narrator is Mark Mohgom  

Both narrators made funny phrases such as bust my buffers and cinders and ashes. Some steam engines made visits to solder from Britain such as 4472 Flying Scotsman from British railways and 55 Stepney from the Bluebell railway.

In 2006 I got in to Diesel engines because at first I did not like them. But now they are just as interesting as steam engines and I used to think diesel engines were Villains to scrap steam engines just like Doctor Beaching. Some steam engines may sadly have bean taken to Barry scrapyard to be scraped in South Wales but happily today you can still see steam on preserved railways or go on special rail tours on the main line.